English, German or Dutch → Dutch/Flemish

Subtitling is in a league of its own. Not only do you need to translate 
spoken word into text, but you also need to take many different factors into consideration: reading speed, visibility, character restrictions, layout, the style guide laid out by the customer... Even the emotion of the speaker should be conveyed to the viewer.

With my experience, I can subtitle your German or English content into Dutch, allowing your media to reach a wider audience. Need help with the subtitling of Dutch or Flemish content? I can assist as well.

I can either work with a template or start from scratch by setting the 
incues and outcues of your subtitles.


English, German or Dutch → Dutch/Flemish

Need a correct, fluent translation into Dutch? Then consider my services. I'll make sure to correctly convey your message to your target audience.

I translate in the following language combinations:

  • German to Dutch/Flemish
  • English to Dutch/Flemish



Do you have a Dutch text that needs to be proofread before you send it out into the world? Or maybe you have a Dutch translation in need of
revision. I can help you with that. Whether it's a newsletter, thesis, website, literature, ... I'll ensure your text is fluent and correct.

Interested in my services?